December 16, 2013

I was cancelled at one job today.  I had an opportunity to pick up work today but declined.  I did drop little one #2 off in daycare today.  I need today to get some Christmas stuff done.  I also need a day to myself to unwind, relax, and knit my nephew's Christmas gift.

My parents set up Skype so they can see the boys.  I have Skype but I rarely use it.  The only person I've really used it with is my sister.  My in-laws have Skype but I don't use it with them because what they like to do is wait until they have everyone over and then put me and the boys on display, and I don't really like that...especially as they usually catch me by surprise and not warn me that I'll be talking to people that I hardly know.

But now that my parents have it, I can use it for them too.

So yesterday we all video-chatted.  They got to see the boys.  I got to see them.  My dad looks surprisingly good.  My mother, not so much.  But she's bearing the brunt of all the stress so it's understandable.

I learned that it isn't Tuesday for the results to come in, but Thursday.  More waiting.  Whee.

Moving into lighter topics...I've started working at three new programs.  One is pretty intense, with a patient population that is heavily Axis II and SI.  The other two have patient populations that are more laid back but no less acute.  All are very interesting to work, so I'm enjoying myself.  I have an open order--at least for this month--at the intense program to come in whenever I'm free to help them out.  That's the work I could have picked up today, but declined to.  I'll be there on Wednesday, and I told them if the agency cancelled me on Friday I'll be up there.

The intense program has me honing my suicide risk assessment skills to perfection, since I have to perform a thorough one on nearly every patient that walks into the door.   I've also learned some new techniques to improve my psych assessment skills that I've started using in other programs that I work.

The other programs give me more opportunities for patient education.  Most of my education has been about non-psych (i.e., medical) conditions and care.  Comorbidities run amok in chronic psych patients, and a lot of the time the patient themselves either downplays or ignores them.

I've also had some good shot practice as I administered several depot medications.  They asked me if I would be OK in giving the shots.

"It may take a little getting used to," I replied.

"How so?"

"They're cooperative.  I'm used to a bit of a fight."

Haldol dec is a bastard...thick as Ativan, so it's hard to pull AND push.  I feel sorry for anyone that has to give--or get--it more than q2 weeks.

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