December 6, 2013

So things are the same

Just finished a long week of work.  I've done enough suicide assessments that I no longer need to read the questions off of the form...and there are a lot of questions.  

Anyhow, the procedure/biopsy is next week so it's all about waiting.  My mother says that my dad is taking all of this very calmly...almost too calmly.  It is the calmness that is unnerving my mother more than anything.  She told me that she's been staying late at work to avoid going home.

Consideing that I found myself booking shifts 6 days in a row to take my own mind off of things, I couldn't throw stones.   My mind wanders down dark roads if I have too much time to think.

The doctor is optimistic given how fast the growth appeared:  he thinks there's a chance it may be a foreign object or cartilage.   Meanwhile, I've done some reading up on bronchial cancer and found that the five-year survival rate is very good.   Of course, as it stands right now, surgery to remove it completely isn't going to be an option, so whatever they can't remove during the procedure will have to be treated with radiation or chemo. 

Maybe one good thing will come of this:  perhaps it will finally scare my parents into finally quitting the cigarette habit.

I did go back and unschedule myself on my birthday.  

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