December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

If you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas.  If not, I hope you're having a merry day anyway.

I just finished talking with my parents via Skype.  It was a little hard not having them here, especially given why they couldn't be here.  But at least we could see them, and them us.  My mom said that she had a difficult morning, but she snapped herself out of it to celebrate the day with my dad.  Tomorrow they go to the surgeon to start planning the tumor removal.  I don't know when that will be...they're hoping to do it soon enough so they can be out here for the February birthdays.  

My better half tried getting me something  He actually did well with two of the three items he picked for me.  He knows I don't wear it often, so subtler pieces are a better choice for me.  One was a blue topaz (my birthstone) earrings and pendant set; the other was a small pendant with my first initial in crystal chips.  The one piece that wasn't subtle...well, he said he thought they'd be perfect stocking stuffers.  And yes, large dangling crystal snowflakes are just that.  I am wearing them right now.

I also got a big haul of yarn, knitting needles and pattern books.  Next year, I'm going to make a Doctor Who scarf.  I'm a classic Who fan:  they kind of lost me after Christopher Eccleston, who was brilliant but didn't want to stay more than a season.
All of the boys were excited about their gifts.  Little one #1 was ecstatic opening gifts; little one #2 was ecstatic eating the wrapping paper.  Two gifts didn't make it in in time:  one for the better half, one for little one #1.  The former's gift is backordered; the latter's gift is coming from the UK.  A little disappointing for me, but what can I do?  

Last night, I caught Midnight Mass from the Vatican on the Vatican's website.  I have to admit, Pope Francis is a Pope I can get behind:  he's not all talk and no action.  He lives his word.  He renews my faith in my Catholicism.  And we share a lot of similar points of view...that reminds me, I seriously have to find a Catholic church around here to start going to.  

Anyhow, for today's entertainment, we've been chilling out, watching religious/Christmas/holiday movies.   The last one we just finished was King of Kings.  I think next may be Ben Hur or The Year Without a Santa Claus.

No work until next week.  Whee!

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