July 30, 2007

Childcare woes

Just when I thought I had the childcare sorted, everything falls through. 

I was very favorably impressed with the woman I met this morning, so much so that she would have had the job...if she had the opening for my son.  But alas, the opening she thought she'd have starting on the 6th did not materialize--the child's parents' plans changed.  Damn.

There's still the one provider we interviewed last week and she was all right...not outstanding, but all right enough...but the big downside to her is that she's located so far out of the loop it's an extra hour total of driving.  Plus she had been interviewing others for the spot, so there might not even be a spot there to go to. 

So it's back to the referral lists.  Another two appointments set up for today, one for tomorrow, and I'm requesting a fresh list of referrals.  What does help is the fact that I can easily get him covered for the first 8 weeks--clinicals don't start until October and that's when the hours and finding coverage for them get tricky.

I'm surprisingly calm about all of this.  It's a bit eerie.

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