July 12, 2007

So I went to my nursing school orientation yesterday

They told us basically what I've heard from every other nursing student and read on any nursing forum:  that this is a lot of work, that this will consume a lot of time, that we need to prioritize and learn to let go and live with messy houses and delegating chores to other family members.  No surprise there...except that I do wish I had someone to delegate chores to.  My toddler is not exactly ready to do laundry and cook dinner.

The cost of the books...now THERE was the surprise.  Not a great surprise, but sticker shock nonetheless.  I ordered through B&N instead of the campus bookstore because a.  I can use my B&N membership discount, and b.  the campus bookstore quoted the price for all the books that were "required" as just over $1,000.  I followed the list handed out in Orientation:  the bill was just under $500.  That's just for one semester too.  I now understand why, when I was in college the first time around, my mom would be outraged every time it was time to hit the bookstore.

Between the books plus tuition for the fall, I dropped $1200 before lunchtime.  This does not include the uniforms I've yet to order (another $200 as we have to have two complete sets), plus shoes (whatever they run), plus school supplies (whatever that will run).  At least I already have a working PDA.  It's old, but it's working.  Next year I'll upgrade it...I really need a new cell phone first, as I've now resorted to praying over this one every day so that it'll make it until August. 

Students--well, the female ones--have a choice between a white dress and white scrubs.  No way in hell am I wearing a dress--I'd feel like I was playing "pretend" nurse for some movie (Carry on Nurse?).  I don't think any of the women are going to choose the dresses from what I heard.  But we'll see how right I am when clinicals start.

Five semesters of fun--we work through the summer too.  Whee.

I did find a graduate of the school's program on a nursing forum and dropped her a note asking if she had any advice/warnings for me about the school and the program.  She sent back a fantastic message full of information (especially helpful was which instructors to avoid if possible) and told me if I had more questions to let me know.  It's nice to know I have a contact I can go to for info, as getting through to my nursing school's administration office on most days is just short of impossible.

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