July 13, 2007

It's depressing to see your body in measurements

At least if it's my body.  I was measured for my nursing school uniforms today.

The funny (ha!) thing is that I've spent the last two months at the Y, working out 3-4 times a week.  I hadn't lost much weight--only about 4 pounds--because I have to admit:  I could be eating a lot better than I have been.  But everyone's been commenting that I look like I've lost weight, especially in my face...I guess that's the only place I lost it from, because when the dressmaker gave me the numbers I was shocked.    They make me sound enormous, and I'm really not.  I'm tall and only a size 14...sometimes 16, but I can usually swing a 14.

But measurement numbers do not lie, so I ordered the appropriate sizes.  I think the shirt's going to be a bit large, especially as the "girls" are large due to nursing I do...the OTHER nursing. 

They said during orientation to get our uniforms on the larger size as nursing students "tend to spread".   That made me wonder if I'm ever going to see the inside of the Y again, what with this schedule coming up.

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