April 23, 2012


No call from the nurse yet.  Bah.  Trying to be patient and not call her about my ultrasound results.  It's not working very well...bah x 2.

Did something new at the Y today:  ran/walked.  Usually I do the elliptical, or walk.  But I decided that two months of pounding away on the elliptical must have done something for my running ability, so I tried it out.  35 minutes of running/walking at a ratio of 3:2 (including warmup and cool-down).  This was a mini-milestone for me.

Mental note:  need to wear two compression brassieres while doing this.  Mental note two:  am happy that I need to wear two compression brassieres while doing this.  The little one's gift to me has lasted for 7+ years now.

I have my first week's schedule from the agency:  Tuesday through Friday.  I told them I was free all four days, and I was booked all four days.  They will call me at 0500 daily to confirm or cancel me.  I asked them to call...it acts as a back-up alarm in case I sleep through mine :)  Plus if I am cancelled that day,  I can always go back to bed or get some work done.  I don't know what units I'll be on though...I won't know until I get there.  So it'll be interesting.

I did hear a rumor that this agency lately has been booking and then canceling CNAs...hopefully this will not apply to RNs.  I figure if I score two shifts a week, that's great.  Three is great too.  I don't really want to work more than that, but I accepted four so I can cement the facility's routines in my head early while my orientation is still fresh in my mind.

I did hit WalMart for some supplies and a couple of new sets of scrubs.  This place screams for a clipboard with a storage pocket.

I jumped ahead on my schoolwork yesterday and plan to do as much as I can for the week today.  Last week wasn't impossible with the assessments and orientation, but it was tough.

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