April 9, 2012

So starts the 35 Days of Terror

That is, the concurrent taking of Health Assessment and Health Promotion during the same session.

Day 1 begins. First thing that I did was log into each class, download the syllabus, and note every single due date for each course into iCal's task list. I find that by keeping track of what's due and when, as well as being able to check them off as I complete them, I can stay on top of all my coursework. Of course, since I'm Pacific time and the class is Central time, deadlines were adjusted...so a lot of assignments are--at least for me--due one day earlier than printed in the syllabus.

Second task: download all readings, presentations and assignments. I set up two new class folders and I downloaded everything that I could. Of course, things can change weekly, but at least I have material on the hard drive.

Third task: take a deep breath and keep telling myself that I can do this, that I've done far more difficult things.

Fourth: order equipment for assessments. *sigh* The costs of this course are beyond ridiculous...on the brighter side, the equipment is a tax write-off.

The assessment teacher decided to be sneaky and not post the materials on reserve until the first day of class--today--so I was not able to get a start on the readings. Actually, both course instructors decided to be sneaky and state that the classes will not be ready until today and not to download or submit anything prior to today as things may change. Which was understandable but annoying.

It's too late to bail now so here I go!


Laura said...

How is the Health Assessment class in the BSN program different than the HA class you took to get your ADN?
Wouldn't they be essentially the same thing? Since you are already doing the same assessments as an RN?

Just curious... because I was in a ABSN program and that got derailed so I now have to go the LPN->ADN->BSN route or LPN->BSN if I can find a program nearby.

HA was one of the classes I took in the BSN program... so just curious what will be different when I take it again.

Meriwhen said...

Honestly it's not that much different so far. It does stress a holistic approach more than the ADN class did, but I picked up on the need for that when I started working in the real world. I also imagine that the class won't be that much different from any assessment class that you took as a LVN, except it may be more in-depth.

When you get into another program, you should see if you could place out of that class, since you took it already in a ABSN program. I was not able to since my last BSN program wasn't quite accredited yet.

I'm more annoyed that I have to buy yet another assessment book and equipment than I am with having to retake the class, as I could always use the refresher.

Hope this helps!