April 1, 2012

Darn darn darn

Playing with the course map for my RN-BSN program...because I've missed the history class that started last week, I was trying to come up with new combinations of courses over the next year to keep me on schedule for enrolling in the capstone (final) class in January 2013.

So far the only definite answer I have come up with is to take two history classes concurrently during the summer semester: the missed one and a state history one. Anything else pushes my completion date back even further...most have me taking the last class in May, and one combination even pushed it back as far as August 2013. I figured I could make up for lost ground by taking two nursing courses concurrently in the next cycle, but no.


I'm not sure taking two history classes concurrently is a good idea as I'm worried I may confuse material between the two (it's a federal government class and a state government class). On the other hand, it's not impossible...and could be done...might not be the easiest thing though. But I have three months to think on it.

In the meanwhile, doubling up on history means that I don't have to take the two nursing classes together in the next cycle. I'm debating about still doing it anyway. Right now I only have one per-diem job and this WOULD be the best time for me to double-up on something. It would free things up in the fall. It won't let me graduate any earlier because of how history classes #3 and #4 fall on the calendar, and these two classes are sequential so I can't take them concurrently.

Perhaps if I were to take history class #1 and #3 over the summer...then I could double-up on #2 and #4 in the early fall...and if I did take the two nursing classes together this next cycle and adjust the rest of the schedule, then I could start my final class in November 2012.

But then again...why am I thinking about killing myself in the rush to get this done?

Well, a lot of it is because I've been working on this BSN since 2009 and I just want to finally wrap up this chapter of my education. And...that's really it. No other real reason than I'm starting to get tired of being a RN-BSN student. I'd like to have the degree and start working on the next chapter in my education, which will be a nice little break while I decide what I want to do for graduate school.

Busy week of work ahead, so no time at the Y this work week. I'm trying to find out if my manager will let me take a couple of classes at the hospital: PPD (apparently at my job, one needs to be facility-certified in order to give and read PPDs) and EKG administration. (I've done EKGs before, but I would like to have a class under my belt). Plus there's some rumors going around that I want to investigate...but more on those later, when I know some more.

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Kolohe said...

If it were me, I'd double up on two history classes before I'd double up on the nursing classes. Of course history classes may have changed in 35 years, but it was mostly a lot of reading and a little bit of writing. I bet you're good at both. I don't think there would be any problem with mixing up the curriculum.

Maybe your DH could help you study and he would learn more of the state you're in. I mean geographical... not mental.... mostly. ;-)