April 12, 2012

Patch me up with duct tape and string...

Doc: "So how is the mole doing?"

Me: "I don't know, you have it. You tell me."

Remember the mole I had removed from my face a couple of weeks ago? Benign. Woo hoo!

Unfortunately, I developed a reaction to my prescription creme, resulting in a painful, stinging rash across my chin. Doc told me to stop the creme for now, let the rash heal, apply topical hydrocortisone PRN, and when the skin is healed restart the creme but only use it once a week for a few weeks, then gradually increase the dosage.

While it's healing, I'm also to lay off the makeup, which means the rosacea is on full display. Rosacea plus rash equals...well, be thankful that this isn't a video weblog.

Moving into the TMI part...you've been warned.



Today is the ultrasound for the fibroids. It's one of the lovely "drink 32oz of water before because you need a full bladder" types, meaning I will be greatly uncomfortable all afternoon. Oh well. Got to do what I have to do...I am a little worried about it though, particularly if they look and find it's not a fibroid. But I'm trying to put that thought out of my mind for now.

It's not working. I have been thinking about it all day. The better half has picked up on my feelings--I don't discuss medical issues with him unless we have something that we have to deal with, because he never handles medical stuff well. So I'm acting like this is a routine ultrasound for a routine problem that we've handled before...or at least I think I am. But I suppose after 18 years together, he can read me a little.

The last time I had this addressed was in 2009. They did a D&C and removed the fibroids and polyps that were in there. Of course, there's no guarantee that they won't grow back because they can and often do. And they must have come back in force for my uterus to be measuring 8-10 weeks pregnant when I'm not pregnant.


Not much I can really do right now except go for this test, then wait for the results. And then take things from there.

Moving on to lighter topics.

The 35 Days of Terror seem to be progressing. I look at the iCal task list and knock off the assignments as they come up, and squeeze in the reading and video viewing whenever I can. The health promotion class is fun: I keep sleep logs and journals, and have committed to making one positive change for my health...in my case, eating more fruits and vegetables every day.

Today is a quiz for the assessment class, which I will do in a bit. My better half has promised to be my guinea pig for the actual assessments, and this should be fun. I'll have to resist the urge to answer all the questions for him, since I know his health history--and his family history--better than he does.

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