August 25, 2012

Flip flop

I use Waze for navigation and dealing with traffic.  Depending on where I'm working more frequently, that site goes under "Work".  For a while it was outpatient, then it was inpatient...and now I just recently changed it to outpatient.  I'm scoring 3-4 days a week...the nice thing is that they're not usually full days either:  from 3-6 hour days.  But considering that I make considerably more at the outpatient facility than I do as an inpatient agency nurse, I'm not too upset.

It's been a couple of weeks since I've gone inpatient, and it may be three weeks, as I only have one unscheduled day next week and I'd prefer to keep that free to deal with classwork.  And even if I did put in that day, there's a good chance I'd be called off as they've gotten more permanent staff in--I've already been called off a couple of times....but since I was so exhausted, I didn't mind.  The pregnancy has been wearing me out.  I guess that since I escaped morning sickness, fatigue is my cross to bear.

Of course, if I wanted to pick up weekends, all I had to do is say the word and I'd get as many as I asked for.  But again:  outpatient, school, pregnancy, desire for free time...

Had to order some maternity scrubs today.  More of my regular tops are not fitting right anymore.  The scrubs and jeans are doing OK as long as they go under the belly, but that's not going to last too long.  Plus, with outpatient I can only wear scrubs, so I'd need some maternity ones anyway.

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