August 9, 2012

Got myself into a spot of trouble at the inpatient job...apparently my sense of humor didn't go over well with a doctor, who got very miffed and reported me.  IMO it was nothing inappropriate but they still took offense.  So I was counseled, and appropriately so.  Can't say I was overjoyed about it, but I respect it.  Though I wasn't told who complained about me, it didn't take too much effort to figure it out...and I don't hold any grudge towards them.

Unfortunately, it's a curse of mine:  open mouth, insert foot--I've been struggling with it for years.  Fortunately, I usually only need to be told things once, so this won't be an issue again.

Oh well, live and learn.  It only serves to improve me.


Kolohe said...

Well, everyone has a different threshold for what is humorous or not. It's nearly impossible to ascertain where that threshold is without exceeding it. Now you know where it is. I bet your misstep wasn't as egregious as my dental hygienist's. Her employer was a Mormon. She said to her boss (in front of his wife) "So when are you going to take a second wife?"

Her attempt at humor wasn't given as reason for her dismissal, but her husband is certain it was the final deciding factor. :-/

Meriwhen said...

Trust me, it was nowhere near THAT bad! That's a line I wouldn't even come near.

Still, you're right about thresholds. I do know about the pitfalls of humor, but after a long and stressful day, it's hard to keep it in check. Just got to get better than that!