August 24, 2012

One blind sheep

One thing about the first week of classes is that I feel like I'm going into it kind of blind.  From the syllabus and assignment guidelines, I have an expectation of what the instructor wants in the assignment and what will be on the tests.  But it's not until I actually receive the graded assignment back that I know what the instructor really wants to see from me and what the instructor is really looking for in the exams.  So I'm not quite sure if I'm doing things right in the first week until I get that feedback.  I feel like that I have to just do my best and take a leap of faith, then learn from what I've done. 

That sounds remarkably similar to the advice I gave a member on a nursing forum who had wondered if they should be concerned because they didn't find nursing school to be as stressful as others and the PR have claimed.  I told them they really won't know if they're doing everything right until that first test, and just keep working hard.  Others said the same thing.

So, Meriwhen:  I need to take my own advice and apply to myself.  Kind of hard though since, for all my talking about how I'm going to try to be OK with the B, I'm still not really OK with it and want the A.  It's hard for me to get comfortable enough to take that leap of faith, since I'm trying for perfection (or as close as I can get) from the get-go.

Thank God for deadlines.  At least they force me to eventually jump.

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