August 8, 2012

Just finished a stretch of outpatient work at two different sites.   One day was so crazy it almost rivaled inpatient work...especially when we had to call a silent code.  However, the matter was resolved without incident.  I also found out that when working outpatient, I am not allowed to participate hands-on in any code--only inpatient staff can get hands on.  Which I suppose is a good thing given my current condition.

I'm also having quite a bit of outpatient work thrown at me.  I have the two to three days a week in my main location (combination of half and full days in various programs), plus additional full days outside of that, plus I've been requested more often at a second site.  I know this will ebb and flow and it won't last forever--it'll pretty much last until the end of the year before the nurse that went on leave returns and I lose the two to three days a week.  But at that point I'll be getting ready to wind the work schedule down myself.

It's also good because I'm going to be losing some agency hours.  The inpatient facility has started hiring on more staff and they've started cutting back on the agency nurses, both RNs and LVNs.  Plus a few other nurses who were on leave are expected to be returning soon, meaning even less opportunity to pick up work.  I haven't been cancelled yet but I know it could start happening to's been happening to other nurses, even the good ones.

It kind of sucks since I like working at that facility and the people I work with there.  I also felt bad that because of the outpatient work, I was giving the agency less hours as well:  only 1-2 shifts a week instead of 2-4.  But I guess that's one of the first rules of agency work:  don't get too attached to any one site because nothing is guaranteed.  And I'll admit, I little too attached to the place.  Time to start putting a little emotional distance in there.

I'm not attached enough to want to apply for a permanent position there...though perhaps that's why I am attached to the place:  I do have the freedom to come and go as I like, and to choose what hours I want to work.  So when I'm there, it's because I want to be there at the exact time I want to be there, and not because I have to be there.  And the difference between having to be there and wanting to be there can often put a whole different spin on one's outlook.  It can make insane working conditions a lot more tolerable.

Anyhow, for right now I can only give them the hours that I am able to give them.  If they can use me, yay.  If they can't, not the end of the world as I have the outpatient job.  Also, my agency could send me to other sites--they're trying to contract with some new facilities and did ask me if I'd be interested in some of them.  I was on the fence at the time they asked but I can always keep it in mind for the future.

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