August 19, 2012


All set up for my next two classes:  U.S. History Part 1 and Older Adults.  History begins tomorrow.  Older Adults is actually going into week 2 of 5.  Week 1 of the class has been uneventful.  Really trying to make peace with myself about getting Bs...still going to work for the As, but with the way I've been sleeping--as in all the time, thanks to the baby--I'm not going to kill myself to get the As.

After how many years of taking classes online (7-8?), I have come to the conclusion that I can not deal with e-texts.  At least, not e-texts that can only be accessed from a computer only.  Reason:  too much scrolling and clicking per page.  If there was any way to get the e-text on my Kindle:  no problem.  I do well with texts on Kindle.  But this e-text for the history class is killing me because I read so fast and spend so much time moving the screen around.  I can't concentrate on the reading if I have to continually mouse up and down and sideways.

Do you want to know how much I can't deal with it?  The e-text was included with the cost of the Internet components of the course, which set me back about $90.  Highway robbery, I know.  I just dropped an additional $45 to rent a copy of the textbook for the next 16 weeks (same book for both part 1 and 2).  I had to.  I couldn't get past page 3 of the e-text without wanting to lob something at the computer.  It was either rent the text or withdraw from the course.

And yes, I spent several unsuccessful hours trying to see if I could somehow get the e-text onto my dice, not with the way it's set up.

Unfortunately, the book will not be here for a couple of like it or not, I'm going to have to try to be able to read the first chapters of this book, since there is an assignment due Wednesday.

Maybe the e-text will be handy for times when I'm at work and it's slow:  I can sneak a page or two here or there, instead of having to tote the textbook to work.  We'll see.

Last week of the first trimester.  This week I get to find out the test results...I hope.

All of outpatient seems to know about the pregnancy...I had to call off on Wednesday because I was still recovering from the CVS.  Well, it wasn't going to be a secret much longer anyway...they're all happy for me.  Lately I'm spending more of my time working outpatient...I've picked up the three days a week at the main outpatient site through September and will probably do so through October and November (not thinking any further ahead than that right now).  I'm also picking up the occasional 4th day at a second outpatient site.

Inpatient has dropped to 1, occasionally 2 days a week.  Enough to keep me interested as well as keep my foot in the door, but not enough to wear me out.

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