January 31, 2013

Turned work down for today, so tomorrow will be my last day of working before baby watch begins.

My dad got out of the hospital today...a couple of days ago, he had tripped and fallen on some drawers that he was working on.  No broken bones, no stitches needed...but lots of pain, blood and a the development of a 12-inch hematoma courtesy of 30+ years of being on warfarin (Coumadin).  So off he went for a two-day stay full of Vitamin K and painkillers.

While inpatient, he got a complete MRI.  My mother said she was worried about it and so read it to me over the phone.  Word for word.  All 6 pages.  Lots of interesting tidbits but nothing that struck me as being horribly abnormal...though I'm no MRI expert.

I was getting exhausted from listening and translating stuff, so by the time she got to the kidneys, I asked her if any of the physicians at the hospital told her that they found any problems.

"No," she said.

"Then don't stress.  If there was a serious problem, I'm sure they would have told you--they wouldn't court a lawsuit by not mentioning anything.  But take it to your regular doctor so he can review it too."


In other news...I noticed something.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have been incredibly thirsty.  Insanely thirsty.  Not the typical "I've had too much salt" thirst, but a painful thirsty feeling.  Thirsty enough that the word "polydypsia" came to mind today.  Then once that word entered, I realized that the appetite has increased considerably over the last couple of weeks too.  And the edema started around that time too.

For the record, polyuria never crossed my mind as the little-one-to-be is securely parked on my bladder...and has been for several months.  So constant urination is nothing new to me right now.  And no weight loss (ha!)...for the record, I'm now at a 39 lb gain.

Appetite increase, polyuria and edema:  I could put all of these down to the pregnancy.  But the insane thirst has me a little concerned.  I passed my glucose tolerance test in week 28, and have never had a problem with diabetes or blood sugar before then.  So while I'm not getting worked up into a "I've turned gestational diabetic!!!" frenzy, I'm going to call my OB and/or regular PCP tomorrow just to be safe.

Of course, I couldn't notice this before my last OB appointment so I could bring it up.

*sigh* x 2

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