November 11, 2016

Burn out

I think I've become a little burned out.  I've noticed my temper getting shorter and my sarcasm level rising.  Less patience and more easily frustrated.  This isn't just at work, but outside of it as well.


The problem is that with the holidays upcoming, vacation approval requests are becoming few and far between.  I was able to get a couple of days off next month, but that's a month away.  I could use a mini-break now.  I'm assigned to work the November holidays so no dice there.  I tried to ask for a another non-holiday day off this month but was rejected.  In all fairness, I did request a day in which the schedule was already pretty light to begin with.  And as I've heard others are also not having much luck with their own time off requests, I decided not to try for another one.

I thought about a mental health day, i.e., calling in sick, but I'm not one to typically do that.  The few times I have done that, I always felt so incredibly guilty that I didn't really enjoy the day.  I feel like if I'm physically healthy, that there's no reason I shouldn't be at work.  There was one mental health day about 6-7 years ago that truly was a mental health day:  I ended up going to my doctor to get a psych referral due to depression.

Unfortunately, I have a few scheduled days at Job 3 that are going to take up my free days from Job 1, and I can't really cancel on them either.  Especially since I cancelled a whole bunch of December days on them because of family stuff.

Time to myself at home is also at a premium.  The little ones have been very challenging and/or demanding as of late.  Lately, the better half seems to be slacking with the house stuff, and find myself having to pick that slack up.

OK, so more time off from work isn't happening.  More time to myself at home isn't happening.  Question is, how can I make the most of whatever time I do have?  I need to think about that.

In the meantime, I need to keep my tongue in check.  Being a true Sagittarius, I am able to put my foot in my mouth with relative ease.  That's gotten me in trouble in more ways in my life than I could count.  I don't need it getting me in trouble at home or at work.

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