November 18, 2016

My work week ended and I had some downtime, albeit with a couple of days at Job 3.  My mood is better.  I feel less burned out...more like lightly fried.

Still attempting to get a day off of work though, just for that mental break.  I put in another cancel request, and this time, the odds of me getting it are much better than last time.  Three people would have to call off for the request to be denied.  Three!  That being said, I'm not planning on being off until I get the phone call saying I'm cancelled.

So let's talk about something completely unrelated to nursing:  foundation, a.k.a. base makeup.  Only because I've had purchased some yesterday that was totally off (it's hard to tell in the drugstore if the foundation will work).

This is the bane of my cosmetic existence.  I have rosacea and hyperpigmentation.  The rosacea waxes and wanes, but the hyperpigmentation is fairly constant, so I have to fight to cover redness and/or discoloration.  Most days I can tame one, but the other runs rampant.  Occasionally, both win, as they are today.  Very rarely can I cover both in one go, but this involves a lot of foundation, concealer, and prayer.

Now if that wasn't enough to deal with, I have a skin tone that is tough to match.  I am light olive.  Not the tan healthy-looking olive as in Latina/Mediterranean.  I have the pale green cast that defies classification.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.  She was the healthy-looking olive while he was the pale glow-in-the-dark type.  I'm what results when you mix the two together.

Oh yes, let's not forget the chronic undereye circles.

So finding a decent foundation--or as I like to call it, chasing the dragon--has been hard.  It's not so much the strength of coverage--I can get pancake makeup that will obliterate all flaws, though it may not look natural.  It is the skin tone.  They just don't make foundations in my color.  The closest I've found is a brand called Meow, and they actually make an olive shade mineral foundation (Frisky Ocicat, don't ask) that actually has a pale green cast.  So it matches pretty well.

The problem is that it's not the best coverage, and being a powder, more than two layers starts looking like, well, powder.  So I have to go in with a lot of color-correcting primer and concealer underneath.  Except that with powder foundations, the primer has to be water-based; otherwise the powder won't meld properly.  And there aren't many water-based color-correcting primers out there.  Actually, I think I've found only one.  And it's not that great so I'll spare you and not name the brand.

Or if I want coverage but the color can be a bit off, I use NARS Sheer Glow, which despite it's name is not that sheer at all.  It actually can go on pretty heavy.  It's also expensive for a foundation.  I use the shade Deauville, which is a balanced neutral.  It doesn't have the green and it is a touch too light, but it's not specifically leaning any other tone, so I can make it work.  I do need to add blush or bronzer though.

The things I have to deal with.

Since I can't always spend mad money on NARS, and Meow takes a couple of weeks to deliver, I have to have alternatives that are cheaper and more readily accessible.  Hence why I'm trolling the stores for foundation.  I have a couple of other ones that I got today to try.

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