March 29, 2012


Once again, my habit of walking into a dermatologist's office and walking out with something removed continues. This one was on my face: mole near the hairline. The really sad part is that I DO wear sunscreen on my face every single day, rain or shine. SPF 50 minimum; usually SPF 70. It's like, if this is going to happen to me every year, why bother?

Yes, I know why to bother.

I will say this...this doc was good: it was 15 minutes from "Hello" to my walking to the elevator sporting a bandage. No discomfort during the procedure. The xylocaine has worn off now, but the ache isn't too bad. The bandage can come off tomorrow, which is nice as it will save me having to explain to my patients what happened.

I feel a lot better...all that sleep yesterday helped. I feel ready to tackle a stretch of work starting tomorrow, but today, I need to tie up the last few assignments of this class. But I am ready to hit work. It's been a while.

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