July 9, 2012

Back to the grind...

The mini-vacation of sorts went well.  We helped my sister and her family get settled into the area.  I've been away from inpatient for almost two weeks, so tomorrow is going to be a little rough as I get back into the swing of things.  But it should be fine.  And it'll be nice to get away from outpatient for a while as there's some drama a-brewing...no, I'm not directly involved, but I am one of the ones caught in the middle of it.  Oh well.

Everyone is excited about the baby...so much so that I've been yelled at several times to not lift things, carry my older nephew, not stay up late, not work too hard or otherwise tax myself.   They're all rooting for a girl, especially since the first three grandchildren are boys.  Myself...I don't know what I want.  I admit that taking care of a boy would be a lot easier as it's what I know and what the other half (having grown up without sisters) knows.  But I don't really have much say in that matter, do I?

Anyhow, Wednesday morning is the first official appointment and ultrasound photograph session.   Wednesday afternoon is a training class.  So I'm just going to show up to the appointment in scrubs.

Of course, the big question came up...what am I going to do about work?   Other half is worried about me working inpatient while pregnant.  Family is worried even more and expects me to do the barefoot and pregnant routine at home for the next several months.

I explained that working in psych is actually far safer than a lot of specialties.  Even the psych ED is far safer than a regular ED.  A psych environment is more controlled, the staff are well-trained in deescalation and crisis, there is security and law enforcement up the wazoo, we don't wait for situations to explode before we act, and it's not like any random cartoon character can walk into the psych environment with a gun.  Whereas in an ED or a regular hospital floor...

Also, I wouldn't be one of the ones in the front of a code response.  That's what we did with the last couple of pregnant coworkers that we had:  they carried on their duties but should a code be called they were placed in the second or third line.  We'd even give the injections for them if they wanted.

Does this mean psych is 100% safe?  Absolutely not.  There's danger there, especially if one isn't aware of their surroundings and patient population...as well as if one is foolish enough to believe that in such a controlled environment there is no potential for danger.  We may take away their weapons and contraband, true...but that doesn't mean they can't get creative with what they do have.

So long story short:  I plan to work until the doctor tells me I can't, and I don't plan to do anything stupid that could put me and the sprog at risk for injury.  Other half knows and understands.  Family knows...understanding is another matter.  Right now, I am trying to cut it back to 3 days a week max for inpatient, and 4 days a week total inpatient/outpatient.  I'll see how the pregnancy progresses.

Neither workplace knows yet.  They will know after the genetic testing is done, or if I end up in a situation and they need to know about it.  Until then, I carry on as usual.

I will admit that the time away from work--as well as the shifting hormones--made me wonder if I should switch to medical right now and work on that year's medical experience so I can get it over with.    I toyed with a quick refresher class, then picking up a PT or per-diem job in LTAC.  But I don't think I'll do it.  After the refresher class, my pregnancy will probably be more noticeable.  While they technically can't discriminate against me because of it...it does make the non-pregnant candidate look a lot more desirable.  Plus, I like the flexibility of agency right now:  if I go PT or PD somewhere, I will lose that.  And I'd like to work at least PT, since I really won't get a good experience in medical pulling a couple of shifts a month.

And I want to finish this damn BSN first!!!!

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