July 1, 2012

Almost a week off...not quite

Monday and Tuesday in outpatient, Wednesday off, Thursday tentatively working but if I do work I can get off early.  No inpatient this week or over the weekend.  Not too bad.

I was approached by my nurse manager about getting involved in a unit practice council...after some internal debate, I decided to accept.  I figure it'd be good for the resume, it's additional hours, they're administrative hours (no patient care!), and it would help me when the time comes for me to ask someone in management if I can shadow them for that class in community nursing.

My two politics classes are about half-way over.  So far so good on both.  After they're done I'm going to have to look at my coursemap and see how it's going to have to change to accommodate the pregnancy.  I really hate pushing back--YET AGAIN--my graduation date, but I don't think I'll really have a choice.  Maybe if I keep saying it to myself I'll get used to it.

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