July 15, 2012

The work week went well.  I fell back into inpatient fairly easily...only one late day because it was chaotic.  I spent four hours being harangued by a female patient who was not a happy camper.  But I chose to throw myself at the grenade...because if I hadn't, she would have went off and a code would have been called.  Better she had someone to focus her frustrations on--me--since even though she was shouting and verbally abusive, at least I was keeping her relatively deescalated.  And she did apologize frequently.

The doctor complimented me on my performance.  One of the other nurses--fairly new grad--was amazed that I kept calm and didn't lose it myself.  I told them it's what I'm here for.

I can't say I keep it together that well for every patient.   Some patients can do far less and make me struggle to keep control.  But I guess that was my daily miracle.

The next two weeks will be spent wrapping up the politics classes.  Remember when I posted the number of assignments I had to do for both classes (53 at first, turned out to be 55)?  I'm now down to 11.  There are 6 remaining for the regular politics class including a comprehensive final exam.  And 5 remaining for the Texas class including a paper due on Friday that I really need to start tonight.  I never thought I'd start seeing white at the bottom of my iCal's task list.

The ultrasound went well.  Got to hear and see the heartbeat, which was nice.  There's only one in there, thank God--I don't think I could handle twins at this point.  Blood testing started and next appointment set up for a couple of weeks.  Feeling less asymptomatic:  I've been more sore and tired lately, plus I've started having nausea.  Guess this pregnancy won't be as morning-sickness free as the last one was.

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