July 1, 2012

Better than I thought

I have two course maps on my desktop:  one that has me graduating in mid-May 2013, and one that has me graduating in late-June 2013.   Oddly enough, both course maps leave me with a big gap from mid-December to the start of March...I'm due in February.  It's comforting to know that at the end of my pregnancy I'm not going to be struggling with the discomforts of the last months and the discomforts of classes at the same time.

Should the sprog arrive early...I possibly may be able to graduate in May:  after the baby is born, I have Research in March and Capstone in April.  Considering that I won't be working but pretty much at home with the new little one, it's possible.  Should sprog arrive on time...I guess it's still possible to roll into Research, though it'd be hard on me.  Should sprog be late...well, back to the course map blackboard.

While it has me graduating later, the other course map is actually disqualified since its April class is Leadership...and it's this class that requires me to shadow a nurse administrator.  That's something I'd rather not do immediately post-partum.

If I continue to aim to graduate in May, I will have to push the addictions certification until Fall 2013.  I'm not that much of a miracle worker to double-up on courses and study for that test this fall.

Again, this is all subject to change...but it's nice to know that my plans may not be derailed as badly as I thought.

Of course, when/how I'm going to return to work after the baby is a whole other story that I'm still working on.

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