July 21, 2012

I caved

After having a house free of checked-out library books for the past several days, I finally caved.  I took out a few books today.  One is about high-risk pregnancy, the second is about pregnancy over 35.

The third is the Diary of Samuel Pepys.  Score!

Now that the term paper is over and all I have left are 4 tests (three regular, one final), I feel like I can finally get to reading fun stuff for a few weeks.  I have a whole Kindle-full of books waiting for some love, as well as a whole bunch around the house...except that I didn't have the Diary of Samuel Pepys.   Now I do, at least for a few weeks.  After I take one of the four tests today (the other will be tomorrow, then Thursday, then next Sunday), I may crack it open.

I also ordered a whole lot of yarn from my yarn dealer...er, favorite online store:  KnitPicks.  After I finish the baby blanket for my now two-month old nephew, I have to start one for my own baby.   Plus booties, hats, sweaters, and all the other baby stuff.  Eight-plus weeks now...still feeling tired and sore but otherwise fine.  Weight is fairly stable, only up one pound since I found out.  Pants still fit, though my play-doh belly looks a bit doughier because what's underneath is pushing it out.  It may also be time to start shopping for new brassieres because my cups are starting to runneth over.

I can still keep up with the LVNs in running to a code, though.   And I never feel the fatigue at work.  I'm not sure at what point I'll call a time-out for maternity leave.  I'd like to work as long as I can, but again, I'm going to defer to the doctor's recommendations.

Next week is the start of the prenatal testing.  I admit, I feel like I'm tempting fate by working on baby gear so early.  I know that even at my age--which really isn't that old if you think about it--the odds are very much in my favor of having a healthy pregnancy.   The risk of miscarriage is pretty low now and once I cross week 13, will be lower still.  Granted, the CVS and amnio carry a risk of miscarriage but it's very small.  And to be honest, I'd rather know what I could be facing and so take that risk.

My little one is very excited about the baby.  Every time I pick him up from childcare, he introduces me to whichever staff member he sees and tells them that there is a baby in my belly that will come out in February.  He will tell anyone and everyone he sees about it:  at school, at the store, in the museum, while at the park...at the rate he is going, there are probably villages in Mexico that know about the baby by now.

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