July 26, 2012

Almost done...

From 55 assignments down to 1 remaining:  one last test in the Texas class.  

I got an A in the US government class, which honestly surprised me since the final was a 140 question bear.  I'm still stunned that I got 130 right, since I had about 30 questions that I had marked as uncertain and planned to go back to.  But I decided that it wouldn't really make much of a difference since I was willing to settle for a B (only needed to get 80 right for that), and didn't go back to them and just hit Submit.

I'm glad I didn't change any answers...I had most of them right.

The Texas class should also be a A.  This last test is only worth 12.5% of the final grade and I'm sitting on a 95 as it is.  I'd have to really tank it.  Fortunately, it's not a cumulative test.  So that one will take place on Sunday morning.

I'm so glad this is almost over.

Prenatal appointment tomorrow.  Not sure what to expect other than we'll be scheduling most of the genetic testing.  Probably no ultrasound this time around, though I don't know.  Now that I'm officially in the high-risk category thanks to being quite a bit over 35, they may do things differently than they did the first time around.