July 18, 2012

Term Paper Day

I have the day off (picking up a princess shift later), so I'm working on my term paper.  During the week I've been taking advantage of my lunch break and downtime at work (ha!) to get the other assignments for the week done, so all I have to do for the next three days is work on this lovely paper.  And since I work tomorrow and Friday, most of the paper has to get done today.

So the bulk of the first draft is done.  I have to research one more section and write an intro, both of which I'll try to get in before work today...otherwise after work.   If I can get that done, then the next two days can be spent revising, which won't be too bad.

I have to admit that I'm getting really good at APA.  I only had to look at the guidebook a couple of times.

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Laura said...

I've been getting the hang of APA as well. Using a previous paper's formatting as a reference, it flows more smoothly.
Unfortunately, my instructors are not getting the hang of it. One is stuck on 5th edition and the other is just plain confused apparently. She took off for putting a page number on the title page. She is in grad school and she KNOWS how it is supposed to be done. And according to her, if I want to make good grades at the next level I better learn the correct format.
Whatever. Gotta pick my battles to keep my sanity...