June 20, 2012


My school's Blackboard server is going down at 1800 on Friday.  This means that I don't have until my usual 2100 to get work in...and since I'm working on Friday, I pretty much have to do it all by Thursday.  So I rearranged my schedule, including taking a day off from work this week, in order to get my assignments done on time.

I get a message from one of my instructors:  because of the outage, the deadline for the Friday assignments have been moved to Saturday.  As the other class requires assignments due at 1500, I don't expect any extension from them.

I should be happy, right?  Actually, I'm rather miffed.  Irrational, I know...but I am.

I'm still going to try to wrap all up I can by Thursday, so I can have the weekend to study for the three tests that I need to take on Sunday.

I don't regret the day off though.  I did get a lot of schoolwork done, and the little one and I were able to enjoy a lunch date.  I felt bad about calling out at the agency though, until I remember that this was the exact reason why I work at the agency:  so I can dictate my schedule.

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