June 15, 2012

It's Giant Brazilian Killer Moths!

The little one is watching Fireman Sam...that's where the subject line came from.

Doctor's appointment went well.  Blood pressure is lower than it usually is (104/76) which is good considering I was prehypertensive for a while.  But according to my PCP, that's probably not what's causing the dizziness:  the pregnancy itself if the culprit.  They don't know why it does it but it does it...and I have to take care of myself and just ride it out.

The politics classes continue on.  I've already had four tests in the US class, with an average of 90.  The first Texas test is Sunday...it's worth 10-12% of the final grade.  I have to work tomorrow so I finished all of the other class' work today, then plan to spend tomorrow evening and all Sunday studying.  Since it's the first test, I have no idea what to expect.

I've also decided that I don't need a 4.0 this time around.  I'm still going to try my best--and at least in this program I only need a 90 for an A--but I've decided that I'll be OK with a couple of Bs here and here.


Kolohe said...

You're "funnin" me, aren't you? Have you really decided a "B" is OK? I was never able to go there, but was so jealous of those people who were content with one. Of course when I came out looking for work in the recession of '82, I was glad I had been so persistent. It wasn't a good time to go looking for a job.

Of course back then I was a single young buck with no job. I suspect if I went back to school now, I would be MORE than content with a B.

Meriwhen said...

Honestly, no, I'm not OK with the B. But I figure if I tell it to myself enough times I may actually believe it a little.

Kolohe said...

lol. I THOUGHT so!! I'm glad you're trying though. Really, with being a mom, working, maintaining the house, pregnant, AND going to school I don't think it's fair of you to expect an A from you. You'll get an "attagirl" from me with a B.