June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there...if you consider yourself a father in any way, shape or form, this day is for you!

Hindsight being 20/20, I suppose I could have waited the few days to tell the other half about the pregnancy, and did it today in some cutesy way...but I guess I was too stunned to think that one through.  And to be honest, historically the other half isn't good about picking up on clues on these things.  I told him about the first pregnancy by ordering him a Dallas Cowboys onesie.  He thought it was for the cat...I kid you not.  So for the second pregnancy I made it very clear to him by giving him a book called, "What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding."  He got the message faster this time but it did require a little explaining.   I figured this time, it'd be safest if I just told him outright.

Trying to get my Texas History test wrapped up early today so I can relax.  This is going to be a really rough week since there's only one week until the second Texas test, plus I have discussion questions, discussion question responses and project feedback due.  AND I have the usual two tests and two learning projects from the politics class.   In addition, the school's servers are going down for maintenance on Friday so I have until 1559 instead of 2159...translation:  since I'm working Friday, it's all due Thursday.

My work schedule has be split between inpatient and outpatient, which is nice since I'll have some breathing room--as well as opportunities to do some studying during the outpatient job when things are slow.

I think I'm getting a little burned out from the inpatient job.  Yesterday was a bad day and I didn't handle it well as I usually do...well, no one could have found fault in my performance (except the disgruntled parties involved but then again, they were biased), but I wasn't happy with it.  I think it's time for some time away from inpatient.  In a happy coincidence, there's been an increased demand for my services in outpatient through mid-July, so I signed on for a lot of days.  So that means only two agency days this week, none next week unless I decide to work on July 4th and/or pick up a day on that weekend, and only two days max the following week.  By then I should be ready to return to the inpatient ring more often.

The flirting nurse--who by the way I learned is married--has ceased flirting.  While I'm mostly relieved, a tiny part of me is also irrationally miffed that apparently I'm "no longer good enough".  Ah, the joys of pregnancy hormones :)

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Kolohe said...

Are you sure it's the pregnancy hormones the make you a little bit miffed? I know exactly that feeling you're talking about, and I've never been pregnant!

Hope the morning sickness backs off a step or two for you.