June 6, 2012


So far I learned two things in my Texas Government class.  First, Texas really was once its own country, so the "It's a whole other country" saying has a lot of history behind it.  Second, a Texas Government class has been a government requirement for students in Texas colleges since 1937.

I love listening to the lectures.  The professor's Texan accent is soothing.  The textbook leaves a lot to be desired, though.

My agency called me...they weren't sure if I was working today.  They saw me down for every weekday this week but Wednesday and called me at 0600 to see if it was a mistake that I wasn't down for today...and if it wasn't, did I want to work anyway?  I told them that on Wednesdays I do schoolwork in the AM, and am promised to another job (outpatient) in the PM.   But it's nice to know they care...and that they still have hours to give me.

I'm actually glad for the day off.  The full moon AND lunar eclipse made for a very chaotic ER on Monday.  Codes left and right.   Fists flying as well (none landing on me, thank God).

Yesterday was much more tame but still had its moments.  I was able to work my daily miracle (I tell them at work that I can only work one miracle a day) on a very loud, delusional and uncooperative 5150.  Fifteen minutes of being screamed at and threatened by him while trying to do my triage assessment.  Fifteen more minutes of screaming and threats as I was persuading him to take the medications PO.  Fifteen more minutes later, he was all hearts and flowers.   Zyprexa PO will do that to a person.

The police were impressed.  I like it when I can impress cops, because they've seen it all.  It's a high bar to clear.

Off to Texas (Government) for the morning!


Medic2RN said...

Do they call you the "psych whisperer"?
It's not an easy task to impress cops - good job!

Kolohe said...