June 14, 2012

What a day

It was one of those days in the psych ER best described as someone opening the gates of Hell.  High acuity AND volume meant that I had no lunch and I left an hour late.   Met way too many law enforcement officers...and had to explain the rights of psych patients to way too many law enforcement officers.

Everyone was short-tempered, even the nurses' unofficial favorite doctor (reason:  he talks TO patients and staff, not AT them).  Plus the evening shift was short-staffed, so they were asking for volunteers, especially RNs, if they'd do a double.  I declined due to too much homework to do, as well as not having any food on me:  I can't do 16 hours on an empty stomach.

Still, no one died and no codes were called so it was a good day.  We came rather close to having a couple of codes though.

I was dizzy during the early part of the morning, but it resolved by my second patient.  It returned at home.  Nausea went away...though honestly, I think I'd rather have the nausea over the dizziness.

I go to the doctor tomorrow...yeah, I said I'd wait until I was a week late, but thanks to the bureaucracy that is my healthcare insurance, I have to go to my PCP to get referred for OB care, and that process can take forever.  So I figured I'd get it started now.

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