June 3, 2012

Lone Star

Found out that Former RN-BSN program did finally get their CCNE accreditation.  Good for them.

I still feel a twinge because had I not had to move to the West Coast, I would have graduated with my BSN this past month...but I had no choice.  Also, even though Former RN-BSN is now entirely online, they have restrictions on what states they'll accept students from...so basically, if you don't live in Former RN-BSN's state or one of the adjacent ones, they won't take you.  So once I moved out west, there was no way I could have continued the program, even if I had wanted to.

On the brighter side, I am enjoying the Current RN-BSN program more:  despite all of the additional coursework, I feel like I'm getting something out of my nursing education instead of just paying money to go through the motions.  Fluff, this program ain't.

If you haven't figured it out from the last post, I'm in the University of Texas at Arlington.  What other school on this green Earth would make me take a Texas History class for a nursing degree?

Actually, it appears that all colleges/universities in Texas will make you take a Texas History class as part of ANY degree:  I think it's a state requirement.  Texas does claim to be a whole other country...and having once lived there, I have to agree:  it really is.  We may move back there when the other half retires from service.  We loved living there, so it would really depend on what the state has to offer in the world of psychiatric nursing jobs.

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Medic2RN said...

Yes, it is mandatory that for every Bachelors degree, Texas makes each student take Texas government, Texas history, US government and US history. This is why I'm looking in other states for a BSN program.

There are plenty of psych patients in Texas, I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a position.