June 24, 2012

I had a three-day work week (two in, one out) lined up, but one of the nurses that I usually cover for in eating disorders needed my help, and I couldn't say no.  So now I have a four-day work week (two in, two out) liked up.  No regrets though:  unless there's an unforeseen crisis, it should be a smooth day and I'll be out by 1500 the latest.  And four days is all it will stay:  I'm keeping Monday free to relax, do some school work, and catch up on my knitting.  The blanket for my nephew is long-overdue.

The ear infection has improved.  The pain has decreased considerably and it's still draining.  Now I wish full hearing would return to the ear...if I did rupture something, I wonder how long that takes to heal.

The pregnancy goes uneventfully:  it's been pretty asymptomatic once the dizziness resolved.  The nausea ended with the dizziness, and I've had no other issues.  I'm grateful yet disconcerted.  Both my prior pregnancies had minimal discomforts early on, so this is normal for me.  Still, I occasionally wonder if all is well in there (my average is .500).  My first appointment with ultrasound is on the 11th, so I guess I'll know then.  Until then, I'll work on the premise that no news (or symptoms) is good news.

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