June 13, 2012

In which Meriwhen kills the rabbit

I was nauseous on Saturday morning:  I chalked it up to eating cereal instead of my usual egg sandwich for breakfast.  I was nauseous on Sunday morning; I chalked it up to being up until 0300.  I was nauseous on Monday morning; I chalked it up to the drive to work (I have a bad history of motion sickness).  I was nauseous yesterday morning; I chalked it up to the car drive again...until I realized that the reason I always choose to drive in the car is that it's the only way I avoid being carsick.

Two prior pregnancies (one kid, one loss), and I never had morning sickness before...well, I had it for all of 8 hours one day in the first trimester:  the rest of the little one's pregnancy was a non-stop cheese binge.  So now I'm wondering.

Got through work.  Got nauseous several times at work; I chalked it up to dealing with some pretty funky patients and their urine.  It didn't help that this week's theme seems to be "need to shower the patients."

Got flirted with by one patient and three (!) doctors.  Patient was manic so I wasn't too surprised.  The other three, I was mostly surprised.  Began to wonder if I'm radiating something, especially since I told one doctor to go away because he was bugging me, and the other that the next time I see his manic patient (said flirting patient), I'm making him come along so he can get to see the sights I had to see when I did his safety search.  Didn't put any of them off.  And no, the other doctor who told me all the details about his dating difficulties wasn't one of them.

Got home.  Had cheese and cookies to quell the nausea.  Didn't work.  Had dinner.  Didn't work.  Decided I may want to try that pregnancy test that I have.  Requiem for a Rabbit.

Well we were kind of trying...still, I'm rather stunned.   Good stun though.

I told the other half, and he's happy.  He also told me I can quit working tomorrow, at least quit the agency job.  I told him that my sitting at home for 9 months will not do me any favors, but that I will follow whatever advice my doctor gives me and scale back as I go along.  I reassured him that psych nursing isn't really as bad as it is shown to be in the movies...and that if they knew I was pregnant, they would not make me go to the really dangerous codes.

And based on past history, I'm not quitting work until my health or labor makes me.

Slept late today (outpatient today).  Homework this morning.  Dizziness when I shift positions.  I'm also trying not to throw up on the keyboard.

We didn't tell the little one yet.  Nor are we planning to tell him, or the family--or anyone really, for that matter--until the end of the first trimester.  Reason 1:  I miscarried before.  Reason 2:  it's going to be a high-risk pregnancy so let's just get past week 13 first.  Reason 3:  because of our ages, we're going to have CVS done and should (God forbid) there turn out to be problems, we don't want to have to explain or justify anything to anyone.   Heck, no one knew we were even trying!

OK, y'all know.  Need to be able to talk about it somewhere.  I don't do pregnancy boards because I find they go to ridiculous extremes about their pregnancy...must be the hormones in the posters.

Next week I'm going to make the appointment to see the doctor...figured that I should wait until I'm officially a week late before I do that.  I know a lot of pregnancies end before they're even known--the period comes on time or a little late.  I happened to have a really good pregnancy test on hand so I got to know 3 days early.  But I know there's a good chance this could end...so we just have to wait and see.

Going to (attempt to) do some politics homework.


Kolohe said...

Maybe pregnant women give off pheromones? Maybe there is some money to be made if that could be isolated and marketed? ;-)

Nah, I don't think it's pheromones. It's more likely that you are pleasant looking, intelligent, easy-going, approachable.... and a good sport. :-)

Congratulations on gravida 3. I hope it goes well, but it sounds like you know the odds pretty well... (((Meriwhen)))

(See, that's how it's done, skip the flirting and come up with an excuse to sneak a hug. ;-) )

Meriwhen said...

:) Thanks.