July 22, 2009

Hurrah for status quo!

Today's job hunt progress: no rejections, no status changes. No change, which is good! I may not have advanced any but I haven't been rejected, so I'm still in the game. No new applications in as there were no new jobs around either.

One of the positions I had been rejected from was reposted...I'm debating about whether to reapply. On one hand, nothing's really changed in my resume since I last applied, so it's not as though I have anything new to offer. On the other hand, I could really rework my cover letter to emphasize my willingness to learn and acquire certifications, and it's not as though I'd have anything to lose by applying. Who knows, maybe my persistence will sweep them off of their feet?

Or maybe not. The job is located at the hospital where my "front-running" application is, and I don't want to jeopardize that in any way. Then again, said hospital isn't exactly calling me back about moving that front-running application forward any...

The orientation at the clinic was good. I'm one of two RNs there. The other is an older woman who actually knew some of my nursing school teachers, which was nifty. They're going to schedule the trainings this week and with all luck I will be on the floor practicing my craft within a couple of weeks. I did put my foot in my mouth there though--I truly live up to my astrological sign's traits, I tell you. I shan't share the details as I'm embarrassed enough, and though it was minor, no harm was meant and apologies were offered all around, I'm hoping I can get past it and it doesn't impede me in any way. I just need to work more on thinking before I open my mouth.

I picked up some scrubs at Wal-Mart so I'll be ready. I did try to stay away from black, but it's hard. I like black. It's a simple color, easy to coordinate with, goes well with my skin tone (I'm a Winter) and my other favorite colors (purple, red, grey). It sets off my stethoscope's color nicely. But some people find black clothing depressing. My mother does, for a start--she's always yelling at me that I have too much black in my wardrobe. She's not as critical about all the red, but she really hates the black. It's definitely not the color to wear on a peds or geriatric unit, that's for sure. Poor little kids and elders are nervous enough being in hospital, then they see me walking in wearing all black and get even more nervous. If I come bearing an IV pole, they'll think "It's the Grim Reaper!" Kids will start bawling in their stuffed animals. The elders may think I'm a punker or a Goth--heaven knows I've got the hair and the pallor...though fortunately not the taste for heavy black eyeliner. Who knows, the Catholic patients could see me and think I'm a nun. Now there's quite a thought.

But for general med-surg, why not black scrubs? Besides, it looks slimming, and it hides stains well.

So anyhow...I settled on mostly black pants, colored tops, and one black top to wear with pants that are not black. Three total outfits and some extras for only $100. I wonder if it's a tax write-off...or is that only if I am meaningfully employed? Could I write off supplies used in the course of volunteering? I must look into that.

I spent the rest of the day being an angel of mercy for a friend. She's stranded with a sick toddler and a healthy preschooler, so I ran supplies out to her and ran her preschooler out of the house so she could get a little break. And perhaps it'd wear the preschooler out too so bedtime would come early.

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