July 26, 2009


I like the weekends: it gives me a little break from the exercise in futility that is called job hunting. I check the status of my applications and grab the Sunday classifieds but that's really it. I don't know if this puts me at a disadvantage of those who are searching 24/7 for work, but in all honesty, I need that mental break from it. I've graduated--I don't need to sacrifice my mental health anymore.

I went for the ADN because I didn't have the money for a BSN program...or even for the local diploma program for that matter--their tuition was comparable with many BSN programs. So I opted for the two-year degree with the plan that I'd go to work after graduation for a while, and get an employer to pick up the tab for the BSN. Keep in mind when I started was two years ago when they were throwing jobs at nurses, so this was a very reasonable plan at the time.

If I had the money, I'd be back at school right now going for that BSN and hoping the job market would be better when I get out in a year or two. But I don't have the money...and I was burned out from studying over the last two years anyway--the last thing I wanted to do is go back to a classroom. I do need a BSN within the next 4-5 years for my future plans to come to fruition, and so I decided that I will start a RN-BSN program in fall 2010 come hell or high water. if I don't get a nursing job or a scholarship, I'm still going even if I have to pay for school by working in a grocery store. I don't qualify for a lot of need-based financial aid programs. I have to aim for merit-based aid (which has a lot of tough competition), other aid programs and obscure scholarships.

I should look and see what pre-requisites I'd need to complete. I already have an undergraduate degree, so I can't imagine I'd need more than a couple of classes. The other question is where to go for this. Affordability is a key factor. So is flexibility since I have a young child. I do very well in online classes--I have the discipline for them--so an online RN-BSN would be perfect. But not many places offer them and those that do...well, it isn't cheap. Still, can't hurt to look at them though.

I also better start looking at my review books. There was a post at a nursing forum I visit about the 20 drugs one should know for clinicals, and I drew a blank after furosemide. I know I've been out of school for two months now, but I'd hope I'd retain info a little longer than this. At least now when I review, I'm not going to be forcing myself to stay up late or giving up my fun time.

Oh yes, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" was an excellent movie! Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor just grabbed hold of me and didn't let me go until the end credits rolled. I want to go read the play after this. I don't know what Netflix will send me next, and I think I'll let myself be surprised.

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