July 20, 2009

Monday rolls in

Today's progress: two rejections. Two new applications...different jobs than the rejections, though. One follow-up to be told, "we have nothing now, sorry." No status changes on my other applications...though I feel some small perverse satisfaction that several of the listings I applied for have been updated to indicate "experience required", where before they had made no mention of it. Guess they are paying attention to me and the 50,000 other new graduate applicants.

Finding meaningful employment is frustrating. Then again, I wake up late, drive past a rush hour traffic jam, or feel a nice breeze while I'm sitting in my yard and I think, "What's the rush in finding work?" I guess I want it all. Heh.

At least the clinic isn't rejecting me. I dropped off my application and have orientation this week. I've never worked in a clinic before so it'll be a novel experience. It'd be nicer if I were paid for it, sure...but after two-plus years of schooling and getting licensed, I want to go out and use what I've been working so hard at learning. I'm also afraid that if I don't get out and use my skills in some way, shape or form, that I'll lose them. A clinic is no med-surg floor, but it's at least something. It'll also help keep me competitive for the supposed fall "opening up" for new grads.

I think a problem I'm having is that I've spent the last two-plus years functioning at such an intense, hectic, high-paced level. Never really had a chance to breathe while in nursing school (not even on vacation), then after graduation the pace kept up all the way through boards. Now after getting licensed, life's dropped down to a much more laid-back and slower speed. I don't have to be busy all of the time, and things don't happen right away. That speed change is going to take some time to get used to on my part.

I should get back into my hobbies though...and get around to watching that Netflix movie I've had for almost a year now.

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