July 21, 2009

Tuesday notes

Today's job hunt progress: 1 rejection. No status changes on any other applications. No new applications as I didn't really look for anything today--the weather was so beautiful out today that I decided to put the exercise in futility on hold and go outside to play. I may look at the classifieds in the paper and see if there's anything there...but Sunday's selection was pretty sparse, so I can't imagine today's selection will be anything better.

It was nice to play hooky from searching for work. It was very relaxing to be out with friends and enjoying the summer day. Yes, I was completely and utterly lazy and I don't regret it--I'd seen precious little downtime for the last two years, after all. I've even felt relaxed enough to bake up a loaf of bread from scratch to have with tonight's dinner. Cooking is a stress outlet for me...so is eating, unfortunately, but that's another story for another day. I'm not an Iron Chef when it comes to cooking, but I hold my own. I remember the days before nursing school when I'd make both pasta and spaghetti sauce from scratch (read: flour and tomatoes). It was a whole day project but a fun one, especially with a glass of wine nearby and something good playing on the radio while I worked. Of course, parenthood and nursing school took a big chunk out of my free time, so lately I haven't done much of either one, let alone both together.

Funny enough, I am making spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight. I cheated, though: jar plus paste plus diced tomatoes plus wine. No fresh tomatoes were harmed in the making of this sauce.

Tomorrow's orientation at the clinic should be interesting. During school, a few of my classmates were assigned to where I'm going, and they got to do some triage and other skills. I'm hoping that as I'm licensed, I'll be able to do much more there. I don't really want to be stuck in some back room filing paperwork or organizing a stock cabinet or other clerical grunt work.

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