July 29, 2009

It's like a roller-coaster every day

Today's progress: no rejections, two new applications.

I can start the day feeling one way and by the end of it, have gone down and up and down and up and down and up and so on. The same thing the next day, and the next. This was pretty much how I felt through nursing school, and I thought it'd end when I graduated. It didn't, so then I thought it'd end when I started studying for the NCLEX. And it did...until I started looking for a job. Then it started back up again. I have to admit, a lot of it is self-directed: I know it's a tough market right now--no one's hiring due to the economy being so bad, and those who are getting hired now are pulling out every trick in the book--but I still can't help but think "what's wrong with me?" I don't look too bad on paper; if only they'd at least call to give me a chance in person, you know?

It's frustrating because one hospital won't tell you anything: you just stay in an anonymous limbo--you don't even know if you're rejected for the job. Another also keeps you in limbo, but at least they tell you when you've been been passed over. The third is the one that keeps you posted and in a timely manner--in my case, with a lot of rejections, though I now have two applications that are up to the manager level. The last can't do anything with new grads until they offer another new grad program, which will supposedly be in the fall.

My better half--well, he's only better half the time--tells me not to worry, that it will all work out and I'll get something soon so don't stress. He's right, I guess...but I still can't help but feel frustrated and rejected.

I've decided to be a bit more aggressive with the job search. Tomorrow I'm planning a frontal attack (read: drop my resume off in person) in two places, and looking up some more skilled facilities to apply to. That'll be all I'll be doing tomorrow though as I have an eye appointment. They're going to dilate them for a test, so I'll be rendered useless for most of the day. Pity. The new Netflix movie is "Zorro the Gay Blade." I hadn't seen that one in years and I was looking forward to watching it.

I'm also going to take the better half's advice and try to relax more. Getting worked up and stressed is not going to do me any favors, nor is it going to change the economy.

The training at the clinic went well. My first working day is on Friday. What I'll be doing is not as hands-on with the patients as I'd like it to be, but it's where they need a nurse right now and I am there to serve. It does involve patient education, which I'm good at...and from the looks of it, I should end up a pro at knowing medications in no time. Also, once I get settled into my new duties, I can look at coming in on other days to gain different experiences. Plus, it's a good environment with friendly people...and it is a nice addition on the resume.

And so will the PALS class: I tracked one down for August.

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