July 23, 2009

Yesterday's progress: no rejections, no status changes, 1 new application. I decided to reword the cover letter and try again at a job that I was previously rejected from and which was reposted. Will it work, who knows? Probably not...but since I already had a cover letter on hand tailored for that field of nursing, I decided to tweak it some more.

A friend of mine keeps telling me to look into skilled nursing. Another says agency nursing. Yet another says find a doctor's office. All three are valid suggestions, but I admit, I'm torn. I'm really set on working on a hospital floor, and I don't want to start a job--assuming I can even get hired for one!--to possibly quit in a few months when the hospitals here are supposedly going to open up more spots for new graduates. I'm fortunate in the fact that financially, I can wait a while...at least for a while, anyway. We planned around that in our budget.

I can't do it forever, especially since I got denied unemployment. A friend suggested I apply now that I'm looking for work and that I could use the money to help offset the cost of the job hunt (you know, buying an interview suit, paper for resumes and all that)...but apparently you had to work in the last year, and I did not work because I was in school. Oh well. I was going to withdraw the claim anyway, as I'm really only going after nursing jobs and wouldn't be taking anything that comes my way, and after reflection I decided that it wouldn't be fair of me to collect benefits if I wasn't willing to do that. But my denial came in advance of my paperwork, so I guess problem solved?

Silly, I know. But I'm a big believer in karma. Though karma doesn't always help with the finances around the house. So if I don't have anything in the hospitals or big facilities come October, it's time to jump in and grab anything I can.

I spent yesterday tending to social obligations. It's nice to be able to attend them during a weekday, something that I definitely will miss when working. Unless, of course, I pull nights. Or weekends. Or weekend nights...which I have worked in the past and aren't really as bad as the sound. You just learn to rearrange your social calendar.

Today, it's going to be a "follow-up" day. I'm going to grab the phone/e-mail and follow-up on a lot of my applications, as well the scheduling for my training at the clinic. Then perhaps it'll be time to finally watch that Netflix movie. I should look up my account and see how long I've had that movie out. I'm not even sure what movie it is anymore...I want to say "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." But then I'd have to find and open it, and I want to take care of the follow-up business first.

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