February 18, 2012

Ahhh, the weekend

Long, busy and yet satisfying week at work. I oriented in a new program and they already requested hours from me, so now I am floating among four outpatient programs. I've had to create a separate calendar to keep track of where and when I am working. Today, I plan to do nothing. Tomorrow, just continue relaxing. Monday...back at work as nurses don't get holidays off. I'll take the two days off.

I've also seen many textbook cases of Borderline Personality Disorder this week. I'm still working on my rapport with the one Borderline case I wrote about a while ago...she's not exactly opening up to me, but she has thawed a little because I was able to assess her most recent bout of self-injury. She still remains guarded and I don't push it. I accept the fact that I'm not always going to have a rapport with every patient that crosses my path nor can I force one to develop. But I try to at least let the patients knows that no matter what they may think of me and our relationship (existent or non-existent), I'm not their enemy--I'm there to help them.

I did decide to apply for the per-diem psych nursing job at another facility. I'm not terribly interested in making a career there as I'm very happy in my current facility and don't plan to leave it. But currently there's not much inpatient per-diem work going on, so I figure it couldn't hurt to keep a net in two pools. We'll see what happens.

I've decided to pass on the entry-level non-psych position for now. First, I'm not too thrilled with the facility itself as it has a mixed reputation...not in terms of quality of care--that reputation is good. But I've heard a few horror stories about working there. Second, the position in question is full-time nights, which is not really want I want right now. That schedule would conflict with my current working hours...and working nights there, days at my current place and working on the BSN would just be too much.

So I'm letting the opportunity go by. Perhaps next year, after the BSN is completed, working nights would be more appealing.

Weight loss was minimal this week. But I'm still under 200 so I'm pleased.

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