February 28, 2012

That was fast

I have an interview tomorrow for the per-diem inpatient position at my facility. Talk about fast: the nurse recruiter e-mailed me this morning saying she forwarded my information, and this afternoon I received a call asking if I can come in tomorrow to interview.

So I have to go in for the interview, then turn around and go to work. As much as I'd love to show up for the interview in my scrubs (they know I am working afterwards), I've gotten out the interview slacks and sweater. I hope the pants fit decently: I did lose 10+ pounds since I last wore them. And I could wear them to work if I wanted...I can actually wear business casual at my facility, even when on the units. I chose to wear scrubs since I feel it better identifies me and my role to the patients.

Back to the homework.

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