February 28, 2012

Less Ow

The pain has improved faster than expected, which is nice. I think I can ditch the bandages tomorrow.

I'm enjoying the time off, but it has its moments. My father-in-law is very opinionated and talks constantly. He likes to pontificate a lot as well. Fortunately, he is aware that he is opinionated and talks constantly, so he takes it in stride when I tease him about it. Today he was mock-whining about something and I told him that in this state it doesn't take much for me to have him 5150-ed.

But sometimes he drones on and on and on...fortunately, that is what my knitting is for. I work on it and it takes me to my happy place. I just zone out and tune back in when I hear a lull in the noise or I hear my name. I did manage to finish off a pair of socks last night and start the next pair.

The nurse recruiter of my current facility wrote me back and told me she's forwarded my info and good luck. I tell you, once you are in the system, nurse recruiters will reach back out to you. So we'll see what happens there. Nothing from the other per-diem pool job yet.

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