February 5, 2012

Go Giants!

Now that you know who I'm rooting for today...I even have a blue sock that I'm knitting to work on during the game.

Since I plateaued this week, I decided to switch up my exercise routine. The treadmill is getting a rest this week: I'll be getting my cardio any other way but the treadmill. Today I did 60 minutes on what I think was an elliptical machine. Since I have a light work week (read: no shifts at all), I want to do some heavy-duty cardio as much as I can.

My name is getting around at work: I was asked to orient to provide coverage at one of the facility's satellites. This will be for an adult/child intensive outpatient program, straight psych. Of course I accepted the offer. I don't mind floating between so many programs--it keeps life interesting, I get to learn so many new things and I get chances to network. But educationally, I'm focusing on learning about eating disorders since that is my core unit.

So while this coming week is light, between orientation and picking up some shifts in eating disorders, the next two weeks will be pretty full with work. Then right after that will be my new hire review and then if all goes well, I will be off of probation.

Going to go finish up this week's homework so we can start cooking and settle in for the game.

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