February 4, 2012

Blah free

Today I woke up without the blah, and it was nice. It also meant that I was feeling so good and relaxed that I didn't get to the Y today, but oh well. I'll take the not blah feeling instead.

No weight loss this week. Another oh well. Plateaus are going to happen.

We're planning a mini-Super Bowl banquet. We decided that instead of the usual feast of chicken wings, chicken strips and potato chips, we wanted something that was both healthier as well as more refined. So tomorrow's menu will be stuffed mushrooms, lamb sliders with that yogurt sauce, bison burger bites, and fruit bowls. Apple pie for the post-game dessert. Four bottles of club soda for me, beer for him, iced tea for the little one. It'll mean a lot more cooking than we usually do for a Super Bowl, but it'll be fun.

We also have to start pretty early: the game begins out here at 3pm. So I'll have to get up early to finish the homework, then hit the Y the minute it opens so I can be back and cleaned up in time to help the better half cook.

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