February 6, 2012

Yay Giants!

No nursing content today as it's a day off of work...a week off of work, actually. Per-diem is both a blessing and a curse...today, I see it as a blessing. Tomorrow, I may be perusing the want ads trying to find another place to pick up shifts at.

Cardio today: another 60 minutes on that elliptical thing. I didn't really want to go this morning but I made myself. I figured that I'd at least do 30 minutes and then if I wanted to stop there, I could. Well, I hit 30 minutes and still felt like going, so I pedaled on.

I keep getting these e-mails from a company that is claiming I could walk off 22 lbs in 8 weeks. Sure, if I didn't eat for those 8 weeks, maybe. If I walked 5 miles a day every single day, maybe. But as someone who has been walking consistently for 4 weeks and counting...it doesn't work as fast as that. At least not if I want to stay healthy and keep that weight off.

Though I will admit that sometimes I wish it did work that fast. I would love to start a diet and exercise program and be 10 lbs lighter the first week. I'd love to have already broken 200 after more than a month of seriously watching the food intake and exercising on a regular basis. I wish that by the time I head east for my half-marathon that I was near my goal, looking better than I did when I left there.

I actually did lose 35 lbs in one month though. It's called the Tonsillectomy Plan. Have your tonsils removed at age 21 and find out that the whole "ice cream and jello" thing is a LIE because you can hardly swallow water, let alone cold squishy sweets. It was a month of mostly drinking ginger ale and cursing my parents, who wanted this done right after graduation while I was still on their insurance. Also, during this time I was also rollerblading to work and playing sports, so in addition to not eating I was revving the metabolism.

I'll admit I was pleased with the outcome, and the weight stayed off for about 3 years. But it's not a way to lose weight that I'd voluntarily choose to do. I remember the first time post-surgery that I could eat and swallow without pain. It was over a month after the tonsillectomy and I was at McDonald's attempting to eat a Sausage McMuffin with Egg. If one can vividly remember an event like that from almost 20 years ago, you know the pain was bad. I don't remember the pain of labor, having all four wisdom teeth extracted at once, or from having two lumpectomies, but I remember the pain of that damn tonsillectomy.

I'm kind of glad I have no work (so far) this week after looking at my class agenda for this week. Loads of discussion questions to answer, groups I have to work in, plus I continue on with this research paper. I better shut the iPod off and get to it.


Kolohe said...

Reading this makes me glad that I was a big baby and resisted efforts by my parents to have T&A's removed. (lol, usually those letters mean something else to me....)

I endured many a bout with tonsillitis though, but I don't remember having it after my teenage years. I learned not to tell Mom, but to just go raid Dad's penicillin.

Meriwhen said...

That would have been an option...except that I'm allergic to PCN :)

They really needed to come out anyway: every other month I'd have a throat/tonsil infection that would really wipe me out.