February 25, 2012


A per-diem inpatient position opened at my facility, so I leaped. I made sure they knew that I wasn't planning to leave the outpatient side, but just wanted a few shifts on the other side of the locked door. We'll see what happens.

After a long stretch of shifts, I am off for a week (except for one evening). It'll be nice to have some downtime, especially since the better half's parents are visiting. The little one is ecstatic to have a fresh audience.

And especially since I ended up having impromptu outpatient surgery again. Seriously, I seem to inspire this urge in doctors to remove things from my skin whenever I go for skin checks. One growth was simple enough to be removed in-house by my GP (and no worries, it's a benign growth). The pain is manageable with ibuprofen 800mg Q4-6h and should be better within 3-4 days. But working out at the Y is out for a while.

The other suspicious mole will be dealt with by a dermatologist because it's on my face. Mystery freckle that appeared since my last skin check session. GP also suspects it's benign but give my family history, better to be on the safe side and have the specialist check it out.

And yes, I wear sunscreen day in and day out. I've been wearing it pretty consistently since the age of 16. But as my GP told me, we can do everything in the world to protect ourselves and these things will still happen.

Down another pound...12 lb gone so far since Boxing Day. I'm not sure what progress I will make with my in-laws here because they love good food and drink--plus I can't go to the Y or do anything too strenuous--but I'll try my best.


Medic2RN said...

I hope everything turns out okay!

Kolohe said...

Just a short visit though, right? I hope it all goes well.

Meriwhen said...

Thanks, both of you. I'm healing nicely, though I have yet another scar to add to my life story :)

I still have to go see the derm about the mole on my face.