February 8, 2012

Feast or famine

Work called. Basically, they've thrown my way as much PRN work as I want over the next six weeks. Someone went out on medical leave and I can pick up up to 3 shifts a week in their program starting...well, ASAP.

Go fig. Such is the life of a per-diem...definitely feast or famine.

Unfortunately (and unfortunate for this reason only), it's evening shift, which means I have to square childcare away before I can say Yay. Better half is often home by the time I would have to leave for work, but I can't take the chance that he'd be later than 6pm, which is when little one's afterschool closes. So I'm going to attempt to make the arrangements first, and if it's successful I'm going to look at my calendar and see what days I can give them. I'm already promised to two units as it is, plus I don't want to give up a few of my evening events. And I have family coming into town at the end of the month.


Medic2RN said...

I agree with you - definitely feast or famine. But I noticed that even in famine times, my phone rings off the hook with work offers, it always works out in the end.

Meriwhen said...

At my last job, there was no such thing as famine: they always needed people to come and I'd get constant calls. Here, staffing is better (go ratios!). I am happy that I'm in a position where it's OK if there's a famine...as much as life as a military family can suck, there are some perks--at least he's compensated well.