February 3, 2012

Less blah

Still blah but not as much. I woke up in a lighter shade of blah. I'm doing my best to put it aside and focus on getting done what needs to get done.

Better half and I had a mini-dispute over my working hours and his schedule. While I understand where he is coming from, it irks me to no end that he feels compelled to repeat things over and over to me as though I don't understand. Plus it irks me that there are lots of other active duty people who have no problem working their spouses' career into their schedules, while mine seems to use his career as an excuse to not be there for mine.

Oh well. It just means the babysitter will get to make more money. I know if I posted such a story on the nursing forum I'd get a ton of posts stating "your marriage is more important than a job." In most aspects it is, but like I said before, there's a long story behind why I have to work and my better half plays a part in that story. And if I don't want to explain the story here, I certainly don't want to explain it on a more public forum :)

Moving on to lighter topics...

Rest day from the Y since I'm working 4 hours this evening and I really want to make major progress on my homework assignment. Also, I did go three days in a row and it's kind of nice to be sitting here, sipping coffee and listening to the school kids head to school.

I'm waiting on some feedback from my nursing instructor before I start evaluating my research articles. I decided that I wanted to investigate how nursing education can affect the rate of psychiatric readmissions. I'm not sure if I should be general regarding education or zero in on the medication education, as medications are one of the major treatment components in psych. I'll give her a couple of hours to write back. In the meanwhile, I'll finish my coffee, then start reading and making notes that could go either way.


A Nurse Practitioner's Crazy World said...

Marriage is more important that work, right, I know. But, you can't put food on the table if you don't have a job. I agree, I feel like my husband's job always seem to be more important, but what are you going to do? I think they do the best they can, and we're nurses, we are used to having to juggle...everything!

So, I was wondering (rather jokingly) about the rate of psychiatric readmissions affected by nursing education. Is this correlation due to the nursing students being driven crazy while trying to go to school, run a family and work all at the same time?

Good luck with your research paper!

Meriwhen said...

Nah, it's what we learn in psych class that drives up the admissions: I know that after a few weeks of psych, a lot of us began seeing the s&sx of psych disorders in ourselves! They always say that too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing :)

Thanks! The paper struggles on...