March 24, 2012

Apparently I am tan

Or I at least have some color. I have always been on the pale side--I get this from my father. I also wear SPF on my face and neck every day (for anti-aging and anti-skin cancer reasons). I should be more religious about the rest of my body and I am when I'm on the beach, but daily use on the arms and hands don't always happen.

So when I was out east, everyone said I looked so tan. I chalked this up to my makeup being too dark--it's been a while since I checked the foundation shade--and resolved to go to Sephora.

My sister and her family arrived. My sister looks at me and tells me, "you've got color."

"I wear sunblock daily," says I. "I don't know how this happened."

"Imagine if you didn't wear it," says she. "I mean, you used to look like this." She held up a white paper towel.

Which is true: I tended to glow at the beach. I stand out in family photos, especially with the preponderance of blue-eyed darker-skinned blondes in the family, and I'm there, brown and brown (albeit a bottled darker brown) but pale. Funny thing, genetics...pale blue-eyed blonde father marries brown-eyed brunette olive-skinned mother. I end up dark haired and pale; she's the olive blue-eyed blonde.


My first nursing class will be wrapping up this week, so I figure in April, I'll start up the per-diem search again. I was called off for a few shifts due to low census and/or changing staff plans, and while it's not the end of the world, I think I really would like some more hours than I am getting now...either in inpatient or outpatient.

I haven't heard anything back from that per-diem pool application...then again, it did state that they were collecting applications and that they would only call if they had a match between job and applicant. I also figure that as much as I like working at my facility and would really prefer to work there for all my jobs, it may really be time for me to look outside the box. I think I may not limit myself to just inpatient, but see what else is out there and diversify a bit.

I thought about pursing part-time, even. But I really do like the per-diem flexibility.

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